Innovation…Sustainability…Environmentally Sound


Mountain Merino is a nature-made “technical” fiber.  As the saying goes “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” and most new technical fabrics are mimicking what already exists in nature.  The science behind this most amazing fiber is extensive and well-proven.  Mountain Meadow Wool Company is continually looking at products and uses for our Mountain Merino.

Mountain Meadow Wool Company is committed to being a green company with a respect for the environment we live in and for the ranchers we represent.  All of our wool is traceable back to the ranch where it is grown. This helps us sustain and preserve the vast open spaces and the ranches of the West.  The majority of the other manufacturers claim to be natural, but use metal dyes and apply chemical resins or chlorine to wool in an attempt to make it more “user friendly”.   Our wool does both; we respect the environment, the buyer AND the supplier by washing our wool in citrus based detergents; recycling our wash water and using natural dyes (to name a few).  We are currently working on a USDA SBIR grant to recycle, reduce and reuse the waste water that is generated in our washing operation, and we continue to pursue other grant opportunities.

In addition to a traditional fiber processing plant, Mountain Meadow Wool Mill is a creative, research-oriented facility for exploring the vast capabilities of the natural miracle fiber, WOOL.


  • RESISTANT – Acid resistant, Static Resistant, Soil Resistant, UV Resistant and Burn resistant
  • RENEWABLE – Wool is annually renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.  It’s also animal friendly.  No animals are killed for wool; they’re sheared once a year.
  • DURABLE – When properly taken care of, Wool lasts well beyond the life of most synthetics and other natural fabrics such as cotton.  Its’ often said that a single fiber of wool is stronger than a single fiber of steel of the same diameter.  As such, wool is especially useful as an industrial felt material where strength and random fiber alignment is required.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC AND ANTIMICROBIAL – Wool is considered by the medical profession to be hypoallergenic and wool fibers inhibit bacteria growth
  • HYGROSCOPIC – This means wool readily absorbs AND gives off moisture.  Wool can absorb almost 1/3 of it’s weight in moisture yet also evaporate it.
  • ANTI-STATIC – Wool is resistant to static electricity, as the moisture retained within the fabric conducts electricity.  This is why wool garments are much less likely to spark or cling to the body.  The use of wool car seat covers reduces the risk of shock when a person touches a grounded object.
  • NATURAL – No petroleum based products like those used in synthetic fibers and fabrics like nylon, polyester etc.  Also, no chemicals.  Our wool is super soft without being coated with resins or “superwashed” with chlorine in order to make it “washable”.  Wool is washable…you just have to wash it gently. Please see our Care Instructions page for your yarn and wool garments.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED – Wool is cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather.  Its fibers form pockets of air which provide natural insulation.  And because it wicks moisture away, you’ll feel dry even when it’s damp.
  • FIRE RETARDENT – NATURALLY – Wool has an ignition index of 1112º F and extinguishes itself when touched to a flame.  It won’t keep burning which is why firefighters and race car drivers wear it.   Man -made fire resistant fabrics use chemicals to make them that way…some of which are being banned in certain places due to their health risks.
  • SOOTHING FOR JOINTS – Wool’s springiness relieves the pressure placed on joints during sleep or extended sitting in office chairs, planes, and overtime!  It’s elasticity allows it to recover it’s natural shape and recover from compression.  Those who suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis and rheumatism report that wool supports them and allows a deep, restful night’s sleep.
  • MAINTAINS LOWER HEART RATE DURING SLEEP – A study at Polytechnic Institute in Wales show wool-fill comforters had a lowering effect on heart rates as compared with feather and synthetic fibers.  A lowered heart rate indicates the body is in a truly restful state.  Wool not only lowered the heart rate of the subjects, but kept them lowered during the night.
  • IN ADDITION WOOL ALSO HAS: – acid/base corrosion resistance, multiple fabric/keratin film possibilities and nanoparticle capabilities